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I LOVE VENICE - this is one of our new singature silk scarves, made specially for all Italian lovers!


This scarf is not just an accessory, it`s a whole Italian legend represented and painted by the Italian illustrator - Michela Minen!


Here is the legend:

The winged lion of St Mark with its book is the symbol of Venice, the symbolic representation of the evangelist Mark, who was chosen by the Venetians to protect and represent the city. Legend has it that an angel in the form of a winged lion is said to have addressed to the saint, shipwrecked in the lagoons, the phrase: 'Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist'. The lion's wings symbolise the power of the Evangelist's word; wings are spiritual elevation. It is said that if the book is closed the city was at war, if it is open - is a state of peace.
In Venice you will find the lion everywhere, in the form of a statue, bas-relief, in ancient books, on badges, flags, in gonfalons and on coins. In St Mark's Square alone there are four, including a golden one on the Basilica and a statue on the column in front of the sea, greeting and welcoming merchants.
Composition: 100% mulberry silk
Size: 65x65
Author: Michela Minen




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