• Марка: KARANOVA

It`s always summer somewhere around the world!


So those are the SUMMER TRAVEL pants you need to take with you if you are an exotic travel addict!


Fresh colors, tropical colors, light and comfy - they take such little space in your luggage, which makes them the perfect hand luggage friendly MUST HAVE for your trip.


They are made from pure crepe silk, which wrinkles less and is easy iron!


We don`t need to say more, order yours now and let us contact you to finalise the correct sizing, so you can recieve the perfect fit for your butt!


Model is wearing size XS ( height 170/ hips 88 )


Composition: 100% silk

Care: Cold hand wash + low/steam iron


* Please note, that our brand supports an eco friendly enviroment and practices a sustainable production, so allow us up to 3 weeks to deliver the perfect shape of this product to your door step, if we are out of size stock.