320,00 лв.


  • Марка: KARANOVA

Did you know that COMFORT and KAFTAN are considered synonymous? Kaftans are known for centuries and were initially worn from the royalty.


Our KAFTAN Dress is as it has been made for royals - it`s handcrafted from luxurious crepe silk!



It is a perfect choice for daytime look as well as for a night out. 

It gives you an expensive, sophisticated look and at the same time provides the ultimate comfort even in the warmest days.


This is a must have piece is you are traveling to any warm destination.


The silk fabric we use for this model is wrinkle free easy iron

(well, it gets wrinkled, don`t expect magic, but much less than the most silk fabrics, so we recommend it even for long range flight outfit)

Product Details: Wide fit, one size model, suitable for all body shapes


Composition: 100% silk

Care: cold hand wash + low temperature iron

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